At the beginning of the Year, New Year’s resolutions are for many a standard tradition. It’s time to take stock of the past year and dream big for the new year. However, only 8% of people successfully fulfill their resolutions.

The six most common reasons for not sticking to resolutions are: not making it a priority or having a strong enough reason to get discouraged when things aren’t perfect from the start not trying with specific enough goals, too many different activities at once not following the right mentors or support groups progress four of the resolutions, learning new training in martial arts acts as a lynch-pin habit that allows you to conquer many goals at once. Learning martial arts at our school gives you an activity to do with your family.

Martial arts training also burns a lot of calories, makes you stronger and more flexible; while increasing coordination, discipline, self-confidence; and endurance. Our classes teach you self-defense and offer incredible stress relief from your daily grind. By setting your goal of achieving your black belt, you eliminate the most common reasons why people do not live up to their resolutions.

By training in martial arts, you are able to achieve several goals with only two classes per week, which makes it easier to plan as a priority. In our school you have the advantage of being directly trained by our experienced teachers, so you have nothing to do other than come to class. You can train at your own pace with a supportive environment from your mates. Having a black belt goal is a worthy goal, which is a long-term goal divided into smaller and more achievable goals by first reaching other belt levels.

As you progress, you learn new and exciting techniques, make great progress in your physical goals, and develop a strong mind that will allow you to succeed in all areas of your life. If you are a current student, make sure you become a black belt and feel free to ask us for help in achieving your goal. We are here for you.

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