There’s been a lot of talk about something new in the “disruptor” business with a man named Brannon Beliso, people always ask me what it’s all about. In this blog, I will explain why I am a disruptor in our community and what it means, and here are some of the most important points I have decided to join this group as a school owner. What do the disruptors believe is our main cause? why do we exist and what does a disruptor actually mean?

My goal in Las Vegas is to serve our city’s martial arts at the highest level and show that as a community, we care about the people here and what we have to offer.

What do you think of as a disruptor?

We believe in the following business practices, for the most part ( at least from what I can tell)

No contracts for our members no lenthgly, debt collection contracts, we want our members to stay because they want to be here.
No belt exam fee, our member should be treated with all the right service and rewarded with great knowledge, not just for those who pay for the belt.
If you have a good service, your customers / members will be loyal to you, and what they hold is not a contract.
If your members value your service and culture, in most cases they will find a way to stay.
Offers free community events such as free parenting night, bully prevention and women’s self-defense classes sometimes.
That everyone is treated the same is no wonder, because you have to pay more for an additional service that you already get at school.
The symbolism, your logo, the culture and the way you work creates a voice in the community.
We should be off the beaten track if we serve our customers at the highest level.
What is our main cause? What is the purpose of our statement?

Our main cause in the martial arts industry is to show that there are other ways to do business with your customers, except for contracts and strict monetary practices that may not work for everyone. We believe in treating the member and giving you the best possible experience, it will keep you for life.

Who is Brannon Beliso?

Professor Brannon Beliso, is a Shaolin Kenpo karate martial artist who has been a champion in the Karate industry in the California Bay Area. The Beliso family now runs a successful martial arts school with more than 1000 members of Kenpo karate, the name of the school is one Martial Arts, he is a counselor who has helped several school owners develop their schools, now only with the owners of the individual practices, but also the state of mind. He was a big win for my business and deserved a lot of recognition for my success and almost looked like a father figure. His personality and leadership not only led our industry to better changes for the world, but also challenged us whether people are now smarter and have a choice whether to choose them or not.

Words of Sensei Lorenzo from timeless Martial in Las Vegas NV.

“I am very grateful to have met such an incredibly competent and giving man in our industry, his vision and the atmosphere he creates that hits us hard at home. This martial art has to be a relationship-driven business, not just any vibe sales-based car salesman. He really gets and understands people, it’s a skill worth it, and it should be addressed. As a martial artist himself and someone who cares about the direction of the future of karate, we as instructors have an obligation not only to convey, but to create a culture that people love and remember teacher understands that we must work together and help the industry more mainstream and use martial arts as a tool to teach not only the strong, but the people who can protect themselves, work ethics and life skills. I am grateful to have him by my side as one of my mentors.”

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