After team sports can increase children’s self-esteem, coordination and overall physical fitness and help them work with other children and adults.

But some children are not natural athletes, and you can tell parents-directly or indirectly – that they simply do not like sports. So what?

Why some kids don’t like teams
Not all children need to join a team, and with enough other activities, children can be fit without them. But try to understand why your child is not interested. You may be able to help dispel deeper concerns or direct your child to something else.

Tell your child you want to work together on a solution. This can mean making changes and sticking to team sport or finding a new activity to try.

Here are some reasons why Sport could be a turning point for kids:

Further Develop Basic Knowledge

Although many sports programs are available for preschoolers, most children do not have the physical abilities, attention span and ability to understand the rules necessary for organized Sport before the age of 6 or 7 years.

Children who have not had much practice in a particular sport may need time to reliably perform the required skills, such as throwing a soccer ball or hitting a baseball thrown from the pitcher’s mound. Attempts and failures, especially in a game situation, can frustrate you or make you nervous.

What you can do: practice with your child at home. Whether you’re shooting baskets, playing wrestling, or jogging together, you give your child the opportunity to develop their skills and fitness in a safe environment. Your child can try new things-and perhaps fail-without self-awareness, being close to peers. And you also get a good dose of quality set time.

Coach or league is too competitive

A child who is already a reluctant athlete may feel especially nervous if the coach barks orders or the league focuses heavily on winning.

As children get older, they can handle more competitive aspects such as maintaining points and tracking gains and losses for the season. Some children may be motivated by competitive play, but most are not ready for increased pressure until they are 11 or 12 years old. Remember that even in more competitive leagues, the atmosphere should remain positive and positive for all participants.

Fitness outside team sports

Even children who said they hated the Sport could learn to love team sports if their skills improved or if they found the right sport or a league. But even if team sports never excite your child, there are many things a child can do to get the recommended 60 minutes or more of physical activity per day.

One sport that kids love is martial arts like Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. These Sports are fantastic for strength, Endurance and flexibility, and no one is sitting on the bench. All children progress at their own pace and improve with themselves as their competitors. In addition, martial arts is fun for kids that keeps them running and parents love the addition of respect, courtesy and goal setting taught. These mind and body sports are perfect for building life-changing self-confidence and self-esteem.

As students progress in martial arts, many schools have competition and demonstration teams that children can join as their athletic skills and confidence improve.

It is important to keep children active and fit, whether as a team or individually.

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