Everyone has a goal, it can be anything and everything you want as a Person or in our dojo as a Student. Las Vegas Martial arts had produced some great champions over the years because we are naturally born a state of battle. As a student of martial arts without age, it is our interest to ensure that students are able to defend themselves, but also to learn the respectable customs of martial arts while traveling as karateka. Becoming a black belt (Shodan) is one of the most honorable achievements anyone can make, and it is also one of the most famous efforts we see in Karate. There are few things I will go on why it is important to practice not only physically, and mentally, but also mentally.

Each Generation has changes and their modes, but one thing stands out for itself, that is hard work and dedication to everything, leading great things in history. So, of course, it’s more of a larger scale, in Karate we try to focus on yourself and learn how to channel that energy to become a better Person. This could mean that we use our education to do better in school, our career and our personal life. Through hard and intelligent work, if necessary, one acquires the qualities not only to appreciate what they have achieved, but they treat things and people with respect and a better perspective in life in general. Ageless Karate Las Vegas in 2016, we try to make our new year’s resolutions better, to make us stronger. Children and tennis players who do Karate have so many distractions and even more types of music at their age to influence how they look at life, although in my opinion it doesn’t really change the perspectives of each Generation, you just have to repeat it honestly. It is important to stay on the goal that is to achieve the black belt.

Achieving a black belt is, in our opinion, less and less physical and mental, and although when children learn martial arts, it is important from the beginning to teach them a strong mentality and teach them not to stop and carry on, no matter how difficult the journey might be. Why ask you achieve a black belt is more mental? I will give you an example in our main Dojo in Las Vegas NV, over the years I have taught, I have noticed those who want it more and will end up more successful those who are better qualified and acquire more skills than the Person who is talented and does nothing. I know this because I was also one of those children with no talent, no physical ability and I won big tournaments in my career through my dedication and desire. You can find more information about us at www.agelesskarate.com for more information or talk to me personally about my dojo.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s also important to have physical abilities. These could include speed, strength, technique, and many other variables that could make a good martial artist, and I trained some of the best trainers and captains in the industry around the world. A Person in general Shihan Tokey Hill, who is also the head coach of the US Olympic Karate team, who has taught us a lot in recent years about how things should be done. Most have also decorated Personal trainers for the United States Karate Team.

The will to learn is very important spiritually, someone has to want to grow up, not just because that’s what everyone does. That’s why our dojo is exploring in someone the fighting styles of MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing and other fighting roads are important because we want to be able to have a well-rounded black belt here at ageless Martial Arts Las Vegas/ Henderson. These are the important ways of training and methods of each martial arts journey.

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